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ZOC Terminal is a professional SSH Client and Terminal Emulator for Windows and macOS.
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Customizing ZOC → Session Profiles

Session Profiles are predefined sets of options (terminal, windows, color, etc.), which can be used as the underlying configuration for a connection. You can have multiple session profiles and each can be used for one or more connections. This has the benefit that you do not need to configure the same settings over and over again for each host.

This dialog contains all options for a session profile. Select a section using the mouse to open the corresponding dialog.

The Save and Save As buttons are used to store the configuration into a file which can later be assigned to a session in the Host Directory or in the Quick Connection dialog.

The Use button activates the changes in the current session without storing them. This way the changes will only remain active until ZOC is closed or until another profile is loaded.

Available tabs are:


See also: Options Overview, Customizing ZOC, Options Menu, Keyboard and Translation Profiles, Program Settings.

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