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Ordering, Pricing and Information about Purchasing our Products


Pricing and Order Links

Please scroll down the list and select the 'buy now' button for the respective product. The red buttons will take you to our European distributor, the blue buttons are for purchasing from our U.S. distributor. (You can find more distributors on our contact page).
License Facts:
ZOC Terminal
License for ZOC8
The license covers current versions of ZOC8 and it includes all its updates with a version number of v8.xx. It will also include the upgrade to the next major version ZOC V9 and all its v9.xx updates.
79.00 EUR  
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US$ 79.99  
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Upgrade to ZOC8 from previous versions
The upgraded license will cover ZOC8 and all v8.xx updates. It will also include the upgrade to the next major version ZOC V9 and all its v9.xx updates.
29.00 EUR
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US$ 29.99
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Site License
(250-500 users in a single legal entity/organization, including support and all V8.xx updates)
11,850.00 EUR US$ 12,980.00
500 or more users or
specific licensing agreements
please contact us  
MacroPhone CompuLab
Home Office License
(2 channels, 3 clients, incl. all updates with V4.xx version number)
59.00 EUR
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Small Office License
(2 channels, 10 clients, incl. all updates with V4.xx version number)
399.00 EUR
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Medium Office License
(4 channels, 25 clients, incl. all updates with V4.xx version number)
599.00 EUR
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Professional License
(8 channels, 50 clients, incl. all updates with V4.xx version number)
799.00 EUR
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Unlimited License
(unlimited channels/clients, incl. all updates with V4.xx version number)
999.00 EUR
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PyroBatchFTP CompuLab
PyroBatchFTP V3 License
(for Server Edition and Standard Edition, incl. all V3.xx updates)
59.80 EUR
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US$ 65.99
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Update from PyroBatchFTP V2.xx to V3 License
(valid for Server Edition and Standard Edition, incl. all V3.xx updates)
14.80 EUR
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US$ 17.50
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Mailbell CompuLab
Mailbell License
(includes all future V2.xx updates)
14.80 EUR
Buy now
US$ 17.50
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(as of Jul 2024)

One time purchase. No monthly fees. Support and updates included.

When you purchase a license for any of our products, you can use that product for an unlimited time. There are no monthly or yearly costs for usage. And support is also included.

We also include updates with the same major version number. For example, when buying ZOC V8.01, you will get free access to all V8.xx updates. Our major update cycles are usually multipe years long (e.g. ca. 3-5 years between major updates of our ZOC Terminal).

Licenses currently include at least 3-4 years of free updates: Since we are late in the cycle for ZOC8, licenses which are purchased now, will give you free updates to the full ZOC9 version cycle also (i.e. all v9.xx versions).

Once an update with a new major number is released, it will be optional. I.e. it will be your choice if you see value in the new version or if you want to continue using the one you have. In any case, to users who already have a license for a prior version, the new versions will be offered at a greatly reduced price (usually with a 60%-70% discount off the regular price).


License Codes, included Updates, etc.

When ordering an EmTec product, you will receive a license code which will turn off the evaluation mode of your installed copy of the program. This means that there will be no need to install or configure the software again.

The license is for one user. An individual licensee can install the license on multiple computers (e.g. work PC and travel laptop) as long as the program is not running on multiple computers at the same time. (For other licensing models, e.g. per physical machine in an environment where multiple users share a computer at different times, etc. please contact us.)

This license code will also work with future versions that have the same major version number (e.g. all V8.xx versions of ZOC). These will be available for download through our regular product page.

The idea behind this licensing scheme is to provide users with free bug fixes and minor improvements (e.g. additional configurability and/or small user interface improvements).

At some point we will probably make a new release with major improvements and thus a new major version number. In this case, registered users will be offered upgrades to that new version at a reduced price.

Also, as soon as we make plans for a major release, current orders will automatically include the new version


Purchase Orders and Distributors

Companies and Organizations which can not order through the web site can send purchase orders to our distributors by fax or postal mail. If you are not sure about the ordering details or process, please contact us or our distributors.

To contact our distributors directly for specific questions, bulk rates etc. please check CompuLab (Germany) or BMT-Micro (U.S.) for contact information.

You will also find additional distributors listed on our contact page.


Bulk Discounts

Amount Discount
For higher amounts or other questions please contact your distributor or EmTec directly.


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