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ZOC Terminal is a professional SSH Client and Terminal Emulator for Windows and macOS.
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Session Profiles → Window Parts

Please also read the topic Fonts, Window Size, Color for additional information regarding this dialog.



This setting lets you hide the menu-bar below the title bar (Windows only). When hidden, you can access the menu functions by right-clicking the terminal area.


This option controls the visibility of the toolbar.

User buttons

Enable or disable the area containing User Buttons (below the toolbar).

Status line

Here you can select, if you want to see the status line.

Status lights (LEDs)

If the status line is enabled, you can select to show status lights to indicate the connect state, states of the program (e.g. to indicate if a REXX script is running) and data send/receive activity.

Traffic indicator

If the status lights (LEDs) are turned off, ZOC will show an icon inside the leftmost button instead. This icon indicates if a connection is active or not (icon in color or b/w).

This icon can also indicate if data is currently sent or received. Depending on your preference, you can disable the traffic indication (in that case it will only show the online/offline state).

Show cursor position instead of rows/columns

This option will display the current cursor position in the status bar where normally the window size is shown. In mixed mode (half checked) the window size is shown, when the cursor is in the upper left corner of the screen, otherwise the cursor position is displayed. The display of the top left can be switched from 0/0 to 1/1 using an option in Options→Program Settings→Miscellaneous.

Vertical scrollbar

Here you can turn off the scrollbar at the right of ZOC's main window.


ZOC monitors your input data stream for filenames, web and email addresses and collects them in a small window that floats near the ZOC window (see View Menu).

This option can hide (grayed) or show (checked) the window or turn this feature off (unchecked) to save CPU load.



See also: Session Profiles, Customizing ZOC and Options Menu

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