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ZOC Terminal is a professional SSH Client and Terminal Emulator for Windows and macOS.
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Session Profiles → Text Sending

The options below are used for the functions Send Text File, Send Binary File and for pasting from the clipboard.

Delay per character/Delay at end of line

Sets the time (in milliseconds) to wait after sending a character and after each line. This is useful if the host cannot keep up with fast input (e.g. in online editors).

Note: The line delay is sent in addition to the character delay. If the character delay is zero or if you are sending a binary file, then the line delay will be ignored.

End of line character

Sets the form, in which end of line characters are transmitted to the remote machine. When set to AsIs, characters will be sent as they appear in the file, otherwise either only CR or LF or CR/LF is sent.

Note: End of line translation is ignored when sending binary files.


Note: emulations (TN3270, TN5250).


See also: Session Profiles, Customizing ZOC and Options Menu

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