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ZOC Terminal is a professional SSH Client and Terminal Emulator for Windows and macOS.
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Host Directory

The host directory can be accessed from the File menu and acts as a personal host directory for commonly used hosts and their settings.

The main window lets you select one or more hosts to call and functions to make connections or to maintain the list of hosts.

The Host Directory Options can be used to configure list display. You can also create multiple folders inside each of the sections (right mouse button).


Connects to one or more selected entries (you can select more than one entry by holding the Ctrl key pressed while you click on one entry after the other).

If multiple entries are selected, the action taken depends on the settings in the individual host directory entries. Entries can be configured to open a new tab or new window and entries are also configured to either use a dialog with retry-option to connect or to just make the connection without showing a dialog.

ZOC will try to launch parallel connections to as many hosts possible, but because the program can only show one AutoConnect dialog at a time, depending on the combination of entries and depending on their settings, ZOC will sometimes queue hosts to be called later via the Call Next function from the File menu. If you want to avoid queuing, set the hosts to open a new tab or window and/or use the SimpleConnect feature (in the Host tab of the individual entries).


Creates and edit a new entry in this section of the host directory.


Changes the data of the selected entry (see Changing a Host Directory Entry for details).


Creates and copy of the selected entry and opens the edit window.


Deletes one or more entries from host directory.

Create Shortcut

Lets you create a shortcut to a host directory entry on the Windows desktop or in the user button bar of the current ZOC session profile.

Move entry to

Moves selected entries between host directory sections.

Manage Sections

You can add, remove sections, change their order and define your own names for the sections of the host directory. (The sections are stored together with the entries in the host directory file ZOCHOSTS.INI.)


Imports host directories from other comm programs.


Prints the selected entries.

Mark Dues

Selects all entries which are due for calling (marked with a little yellow flash in front of the phone number). ZOC determines the entries that are due for calling by looking at the date of the last call and the 'Call after xx days' field from the edit window.


Show the host directory options which let you configure the columns, sections and other host directory related settings. See Host Directory Options.


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