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ZOC Terminal is a professional SSH Client and Terminal Emulator for Windows and macOS.
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Session Profiles → Layout/Font

Please also read the topic Fonts, Window Size, Color for additional information regarding this dialog.


… window size will determine number of rows/cols

When the ZOC window is sized, this option will keep the font size unchanged, but change the number of rows/columns of the terminal window instead (e.g. from 80x24 to 87x32).

If this option is activated, you will not be able to manually select a specific terminal size (rows/columns), because the terminal size will be determined by the size of the window.

… adjust font size proportionally

When you change the window size, this option will keep the number of rows/columns fixed and the program will instead display the terminal area using a larger or smaller font.

If this option is activated, you will not be able to manually select a specific font size in this dialog (see below), because the font size will be automatically determined depending on the size of the window. Also, sizing of the window with the mouse will only work in larger steps because only those sizes will be offered, for which there is a matching font and the natural font proportions (height to width ratio) will be retained.

… adjust font with/height (stretch font to window)

This option is similar to the proportional font sizing (see above), but allows the program to disregard the natural font proportions and stretch or condense the font width in order to adjust the terminal area to the window size. This will allow a greater variety of possible window sizes but may result in letters and characters looking less natural.

… retain font size and rows/cols

This option will keep the font and logical terminal size. This will prevent the ZOC window from being changed in size.


Number of Columns/Rows

You can select the terminal size here (columns and rows). If in doubt, try terminal sizes of 80x24 or 80x25.
Note: If an emulation or host requires a specific terminal size (e.g. fixed size TN3270 or VT100 in 132 columns mode), this setting may be ignored.


Character Set

ZOC for Windows supports various character sets, e.g. the DOS/IBM character set, Windows/Ansi/Latin-1 character set and the Linux coding for Unicode (UTF8).

The choice of character set depends mostly on the host and is required for correct display of line graphics or accented characters.

Terminal Font

Select a font size for the terminal window from the list. The font list will only show fonts, where all characters have the same width (non proportional fonts). This is required for correct display of tables etc.

The font size is given in display pixels width x height (this is different from the "points" size, which is usually used in text processing programs). The size of the terminal area (where text is displayed) depends on the terminal size (number lines and characters per line) combined with the font size.


With this option enabled, the font will be rendered on screen with smoother edges, although with small fonts this can result in a slightly fuzzy look. Turning the option off will create a more crisp but slightly edgy font. The third state of the option (half checked) will activate or deactivate this setting based on the operating system's default.



See also: Fonts, Window Size, Color, Session Profiles, Customizing ZOC and Options Menu

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