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Do You Need a secure SecureNetTerm Replacement?

ZOC Terminal is a rock-solid, modern and feature-rich terminal emulator software that offers many emulations, file transfer and other features that are similar to SecureNetTerm, so that ZOC can serve as a modern alternative to NetTerm.

Features Similar to NetTerm:

More Features :
  • Secure Shell and Telnet SSL communication
  • Automatic triggering of actions based on host input
  • Scripting and recording of terminal sessions
  • Emulations: xterm, VT220, VT420, TN3270, TN5250, Wyse, QNX
  • Available on Windows 10/11 and macOS Solanana
  • Small memory footprint (RAM and hard drive)
  • Administrator friendly with easy deployment
See ZOC's complete feature description...
ZOC Terminal Emulation Screenshots
Read more about our ZOC terminal emulator, check its extensive list of features and terminal emulations (e.g. xterm, VT220, TN3270, ...) or look at ZOC's screenshots.
Or just go ahead and try it. Start your free 30 days of evaluation today and download ZOC Terminal V8.08.6 now.
ZOC for Windows (32-bit)

In client/server computing a server is a large, powerful central computer. Servers are shared by many users who access it through remote input/output devices (keyboard/monitor combinations) that allowed the user to work with the remote computer. These are called terminals.

Originally such terminals were hardware devices. With modern end-user PCs becoming more powerful in the 1980's, these dedicated hardware devices were replaced by software that runs on a PC and which simulates features of the original hardware terminals. Such programs is called a terminal-emulator (a software that emulates/simulates a terminal).




  Download ZOC Terminal V8.08.6 now.

ZOC for Windows (32-bit)

About NetTerm and SecureNetTerm

In its time, SecureNetTerm was an excellent terminal emulation software that was a fully functional user friendly windows based client/server application designed to interface with Telnet, Telnet-TLS/SSL, rlogin, and SSH servers located on UNIX style hosts. The software supported open source encryption software including Kerberos, OpenSSL, and OpenSSH.

Developed by Intersoft International Inc. from 1986 until 2017, SecureNetTerm offered emulations like VT-52, VT-100, VT-102, VT-220, VT-320, ANSI, ANSI-BBS, SCO-ANSI, QNX-2, IBM-3101, Televideo 925, Wyse 50, Wyse 60, Nixdorf BA-80, and XTERM terminals.

One of it's strengths was a set of rather arcane feaures called netterm extended escape sequences, which allowed hosts to perform local functions like sending a file to the client and opening it or initiating programs to run on the local machine.

While it supported modern communication methods like SSH and Telnet/SSL, in later years the product had problems with the transition to newer versions of windows and featured an increasingly outdated user interface.

Today SecureNetTerm remains an anachronism and major source of pain for those who try to maintain a solution that requires to run SecureNetTerm on a modern computer.





ZOC Terminal as a NetTerm/SecureNetTerm Alternative

ZOC Terminal was started as a 32-bit software under OS/2 in 1995, which was about the same time of the height of SecureNetTerm was started.

Over the years, ZOC has undergone many transitions. Offering a Windows implementation in 1999 was a step towards more propularity. Then offering a macOS version of ZOC in 2010 was another major step for ZOC.

Unlike SecureNetTerm's neglect and final quiet discontinuation, ZOC Terminal has been and is under continued development over the last 30 years, still being in the hands of its original developers.

ZOC shares many features with SecureNetTerm, e.g. superb VT220, Wy-50, but also a TN3270 emulations, as well as an extensive scripting language, modem and telnet access to hosts.

It also supports NetTerm's extended escape sequences so that prior host-integrations developed for NetTerm will continue to work with ZOC Terminal.

But ZOC Terminal also offers modern features like tabbed sessions, a refined graphical user interface, secure shell connectivity and full support for modern operating systems like Windows 10/11 and macOS Solanana.

In other words, if you are feeling the pain of trying to run a SecureNetTerm based solution today, ZOC Terminal will offer an excellent alternative.





ZOC Terminal Download

Read more about our ZOC Terminal Emulator, check its feature list, look at our screenshots or start your free 30 days of evaluation today and download ZOC Terminal V8.08.6 now.

ZOC for Windows (32-bit)


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