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ZOC Terminal is a professional SSH Client and Terminal Emulator for Windows and macOS.
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Menu Commands → Transfer Menu

The transfer menu allows you to send files to the host or receive them from it. The functions in this menu use settings from Options→Session Profile→Transfer and Options→Program Settings→Folders in the Options Menu.

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Sending a file to a host is called an Upload. To do this the sender and receiver use certain methods called Transfer Protocols. The upload function sends a file to the host using the currently active protocol (see Options→Session Profile→File Transfer options).


Receiving a binary file from a host is called a Download. The same transfer protocols are used as for uploads. Downloads are affected by the Options→Session Profile→File Transfer options.

Send Textfile

This function takes text from a file and sends it to the host without using a file transfer protocol. Roughly spoken, an ascii upload is the same as typing text very fast. This way you can prepare messages using an editor before you call a host and then send the file with this function when the host asks you to type your message.
Note: If the host loses characters in this process or if the transfer is too slow, you can modify a delay for each character in the Options→Session Profile→Text Sending dialog.

Send Binary File

The Send Binary function is very similar to the Send Text File function. The only difference is that the data in the file is not translated in any form and that the host is not expected to echo the characters back to ZOC. This function uses the character delay from Send Text, but ignores the line delay (see also: Options→Session Profile→Text Sending).

FTP Connection

If you are connected to a SSH or Telnet server or if you made a connection through the host directory, where you have defined an FTP connection associated with the connection, you can choose this function to open an FTP window. This window will allow you to navigate local and remote folders and to transfer files or group of files easily between your local computer and the remote host via drag and drop.


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