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ZOC Terminal is a professional SSH Client and Terminal Emulator for Windows and macOS.
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Starting ZOC (Command Line Parameters and Environment) → ADMIN.INI/Working Directory/Network


Initial Working Directory

When starting ZOC from a Windows command prompt or from an icon, the current directory (from within which you issue the command) will be ignored. Instead, all primary program files are loaded from the directory where ZOC was installed.

Data files are loaded from the location which is configured in the Admin.ini file (see also Information for System/Network Administrators and User Data Folder Selection) or from the /WD: command line parameter (if that parameter is provided).

If you want to reference the current working directory when specifying files with command line parameters, you can use the placeholder %CURDIR%, e.g. /RUN:%CURDIR%\script.zrx




The Admin.ini is stored in the ZOC8 Program folder (Windows) or in the Contents folder inside the zoc8.app Bundle (macOS). Under macOS the location to place a custom admin.ini file is ~/.zoc8_admin.

On both operating systems you will find a template for this file in your TEMP folder.

This file determines default values for the program settings file (mainly default directories) and can limit the program functions which the user can access (e.g. preventing access to the program options).

The Admin.ini file is the primary start point that determines the default user directories. From the locations specified there, ZOC will load secondary configuration files (program settings, session profiles, …) and user files (scripts, uploads, …).

With this file it is also possible to create per user configurations, mixed configurations (shared and per user folders) or fully shared and preconfigured configurations.

Please read the sample Admin.ini file in the ZOC program folder or in the TEMP folder for documentation about the settings. See User Data Folder Selection for a description of the exact process how ZOC determines the user data folder.

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