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AtomSync Screenshots

The screen shots below should give you a good idea of the AtomSync program. However, by their nature, they cannot show all features. So please check the feature list also, or download AtomSync for a full test drive.
Please click on the thumbnails to see full size screenshots.
Here you see one of the regular AtomSync window. Below the usual screen elements (menu, toolbar) you see a black graphical clock that can be undocked (pulled from the window) and placed on the desktop (as shown in the screenshot on the AtomSync main web page).

Below the clock the program displays status information about the time server, last check, last time difference between your system clock and the reference clock.


AtomSync comes with a large list of time servers to choose from. To synchronize your system time with an atomic clock is as simple as choosing a time server near you from this list.  

Like all EmTec products, AtomSync comes with a wealth of configuration options. Some of these are time checking intervals and the methods that the program will use to notify you that your system clock needs adjustment. This program can do anything from living silently in your system tray to populating your desktop with animated figures to tell you what's up with your time.  



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