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AtomSync Description
AtomSync is a utility that works in the background and periodically checks your system time against an internet NTP time server or against a computer in your LAN (local network) which runs an AtomSync LAN time server. It also displays a nice graphical clock with time and date on your desktop and can announce the time status through MS Agents.

Internet time servers usually deliver an extremely precise time which is often synchronized with a nation's or continent's atomic reference clock. AtomSync (btw. the AtomSync is German an means atomic clock) lets you synchronize you computer or lan with the nation's reference time over any internet connection and with a precision in the milliseconds range.

Your system time is used for time stamps in emails, files internet requests and differences in system clocks can cause problem, especially when working with shared files in LAN (local network) environments

The program comes in two versions: AtomSync/Pro is used for stand alone computers with internet connection. AtomSync/LAN extends AtomSync/Pro and brings time synchronisation to your local area network.


AtomSync Helpfile
If you want to find out more about the product before downloading, you can browse AtomSync's online documentation (click the icon on the right, then select 'Open' in Internet Explorer's download dialog).

AtomSync Features
  • periodically checks your system time against a time server
  • supports the internet ntp protocol
  • displays a nice clock with animation on screen
  • freeware version and enhanced mode (shareware)
  • can work as a time server for the LAN
  • supports Microsoft Agents (animated figures on screen)
  • lots of option to tailor the program to one's need
  • uninstall program


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