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Mailbell Screenshots

The screen shots below should give you a good idea of the Mailbell program. However, by their nature, they cannot show all features. So please check the feature list also, or download Mailbell for a full test drive.
Please click on the thumbnails to see full size screenshots.
This is the main window of Mailbell. The upper list shows two mail account entries . The lower part is a message list, showing the content of the mail account, which is selected in the upper list.

Normally the Mailbell window will be hidden in the system tray, so when you work and email arrives only the popup window will appear. It will not disturb you when typing and will go away after a few seconds (the time is configurable).

Please also note the spam messages which were automatically detected and preselected for deletion.


The operations in the menu refer to entries in the mail table (mails can be deleted from the server etc.).  

This is the window for trashed mail. Deleted Emails which were deleted automatically or by you, are stored here until you delete them or reactivate them.  

This dialog shows how you configure an email account. You basically just put in your mail server, username and password and the refresh time. That's all.  

When it comes to spam detection, this dialog helps the program to determine regular mail. The list of friends contains a list of email addresses that will be considered as non-spam senders.  

This window shows the bad side of mail. All senders which will be considered spam are listed here.  

Mailbell lets you configure exactly what should happen when a new email arrives. The choices range from automatically firing up your email program, to just do noting but changing the icon in the system tray (a double click there can bring up your email program) and possibly play a sound file.
The popup window mentioned in this dialog is the one that was discussed in the screenshot above.

Once an email has been analyzed it is assigned a certain number of suspicious words. The more words, the more sure the program is about the fact, that the mail is spam. This window lets you configure what will happen with mail, depending on the number of suspicious words.  

The dialog options of Mailbell let you configure if you want to access the Mailbell window or Email program by double clicking the icon in the system tray. You can also select that you always want to start the program minimized.  



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