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Yonc • Your Dial Up Networking Companion
Note: The product Yonc has been discontinued as of June, 2007. We are offering a final version for download below and you can use that free of charge, but please understand that we can not offer further support or bugfixes for Yonc.

Alternately, our telnet client and Terminal Emulator ZOC offers remote functions and can be automated via scripting.


Yonc connects you to the internet with a single mouse click, keeps you online and lets you monitor internet and system data.

Yonc collects daily and monthly statistical data about your internet connections and lets you handle dial up network related tasks.

Key benefits:
• Keep track of online time and transfer volume
• Avoid provider disconnects
• Be notified about email

"I use Yonc to keep track of online time for my various internet providers to keep my monthly connection time below the free hours limit. "

(Frederik Stapleford, Belgium)