EmTec Innovative Software - Mailing List
A mailing list is an automated mail distribution system to which you can subscribe and post messages. All messages posted to the mailing list, are distributed to all subscribers. When a new version of a product or information related to this product is available, we will send a notification to the mailing list, which will then distribute the message to all subscribers. (You can subscribe or unsubscribe on your own and of course the email addresses will only be used for this purpose.)

Currently we are offering the following mailing lists:

List-Name Description
announce-engl Announcements from EmTec about all products (e.g. new program releases, special offers, beta tests, etc.).
mailbell-engl Announcements about new versions of Mailbell
macrophone-engl Announcements about new versions of Macrophone
moony-engl Announcements about new versions of Moony
pyrotrans-engl Announcements about new versions of PyroTrans/PyroBatchFTP
zoc-engl Announcements about new versions of ZOC



How to Subscribe
If you want to subscribe to the mailing list, send an internet mail to robot@lists.emtec.com (robot is the automated mailing list administrator) with nothing but the words
  subscribe <list-name>@lists.emtec.com
in the message body, e.g.
  subscribe announce-engl@lists.emtec.com
Then you will receive an email which you will have to return to us to confirm your subscription. After that a mail will be sent to you, welcoming you to the list and giving you further details about the list (like how to post to the list or how to unsubscribe).
Once you are subscribed, you will receive by email all messages that EmTec sends to the mailing list.

If you want to stop receiving mails through the list, please send an email to our robot as described above, but use the word unsubscribe instead of subscribe.